Tips and Tricks for a Beginner Criminal Defense Lawyer

Tips and Tricks for a Beginner Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being a beginner criminal defense lawyer can be a bit daunting. The job can be pretty tough and different from what you have imagined. Do you think watching Suits has prepared you well for the fieldwork? Unfortunately, that might not be true. There’s a lot more to it that you need to know as a beginner criminal defense lawyer.

As a beginner lawyer, it is natural and to some extent important, wanting to win the cases if you want to make a good start and a good repute in the market. Here we have a few tips and tricks that can be helpful for any beginner criminal defense lawyer.

Build a Connection with your Client


Many beginner criminal lawyers canberra make this mistake and believe that creating a bond with their client isn’t necessary especially when the other is accused of committing a crime. But regardless of the crime, having a bond with your client is the key. It can sometimes be very difficult to find a common ground and you might be naturally inclined to not want to find a commonality with a person accused of a crime. But it is always wise to keep personal feelings aside. Make your client feel comfortable and inspire trust in you. This way they can open up to you better. Try to relate to them so that they know you are working in their interest. They would trust your decisions more this way and would be willing to go in whichever direction you take them.

Make an Impression

The impression that you build on judge, jury, plaintiffs and in fact, all the parties involved in the case has a heavy impact on your standing. It is usually said that the first impression is the last impression. Keep this in mind even when you are in the courtroom. Make a very clear opening statement, as it’s your first opportunity to present to the jury and get their attention. Don’t forget to maintain your confidence throughout the proceedings. One thing must be kept in mind is that if you, as a criminal defense lawyer, aren’t confident then convincing others can be almost impossible. Moreover, take full advantage of cross-examination. However, keep it simple. Just make your point and move on. Lastly, close the argument boldly and with confidence. Use your voice to correctly highlight strong points and keep the closing statement concise.

Voir Dire

Being a beginner criminal defense lawyer, you need to take care of not only the judge but of the jury panel as well. Voir Dire is an art of examining the jurors. Gaining the support of jury can be more challenging when you are a criminal defense lawyer because no one generally supports crime. A tip for this is to always observe the body language of jurors. Experts advise that jurors that laugh or smile on jokes are usually on your side. Similarly, you can judge from their expression if they are turning away. In short, if you want to be a successful criminal defense lawyer, you need to practice the art of voir dire.