SEO expert

SEO expert

An SEO expert also called an SEO specialist, is an individual that optimises websites to achieve higher rankings on search engines.

Better put:

An SEO expert is an individual that is thoroughly grounded in generating traffic from search engines.

How Do You Become an SEO Specialist?

The search engine optimisation field is a new aspect, and many people can’t learn SEO from a regular 4-year college program. However, this also exists.

Below are the standard ways people can become SEO specialists.

  1. Take a course on SEO or various courses
  2. Learning the processes involved in SEO by doing same to their website
  3. Work with a marketing agency
  4. Acquire SEO clients
  5. Get an SEO certification or degree online
  6. Get a job as an SEO professional ‘in house.’

A breakdown of these six options are:

How to become an SEO specialist

SEO has more to it than meta tags optimisation on a website. The fact is that the best SEO specialists are proficient people in various aspects of digital marketing. This encompasses primary SEO skills, such as title tag optimisation. However, other digital marketing skills, like web design and writing, are included. That aside, below are the necessary skills needed by an SEO expert:

  • Ability to find keywords with high-volume and low-competition
  • Basic knowledge of HTML
  • How and where keywords can be added to a webpage
  • Intermediate to advanced skills in copywriting
  • Competence in visual content such as video and infographics
  • Skilled in promoting and building links to major pages
  • Understanding of the impact of technical SEO on rankings
  • Awareness of changes with Google algorithms and emerging SEO trends

How to Become an SEO expert?

SEO is relatively new, and most institutions are not offering it as a course of study. So, people often learn it by taking a curse online or through other means.

Below are ways to become an SEO expert.

  • Take several online courses on SEO certification
  • Learn through continuous use by optimising your website
  • Work with a marketing agency
  • Take more tasks that involve SEO
  • Take up a role as an “in house” SEO expert

Top SEO Tools

As a discipline that requires technical know-how, there are specific software and tools that SEOs depend on to assist in website optimisation.

Below are commonly used free and paid tools:

Keyword Planner – This is another free tool you can use to plan your keywords. Although this is designed for paid searches, it can serve as a useful tool in SEO because it allows for keyword search volumes and suggestions.

Backlink Analysis Tools – There are various link analysis tools available. Backlink analysis tools enable users to analyse websites that are linked to theirs or that of their competitors. It can be used in finding new links while building links.

SEO Platforms – Various SEO platforms bring various tools needed in optimising sites. These platforms help in tracking keyword rankings, identifying on-page and off-page SEO opportunities, assisting in keyword research, and other SEO related tasks.

Social Media – Many social media sites have no direct effect on SEO, but this is a great networking tool with various webmasters and building relationships. These can result in link building and guest posting avenues.

Search engine optimisation is essential in website ranking and improving its visibility. SEO experts use their wealth of knowledge to provide the best results for website SEO optimisation.