New Zealand Search Engine Optimisation

New Zealand Search Engine Optimisation

New Zealand search engine optimisation (SEO)is generally about increasing traffic to your website and improving ranking on search engines. Google search engines account for over 95% of online searches in New Zealand. When your website meets all the parameters put in place to determine the quality of websites, then your website rises in the rankings. Google uses about 200 factors in Google’s algorithm to measure the quality of the website and determine the right factors to consider for their audience and industry. When a website exhibits high traffic, it is because of their high rankings on the search engines which normally translates to higher business returns from websites. If you want your business to be competitive and visible to the world, also gain authority in your industry, then you should employ white hat SEO to gain and maintain credibility. SEO agencies combine a range of strategies and methods to achieve the best rankings for their clients from diverse industry niches. Some of the methodologies used to generate links to your websites to gain traffic to your website include the following:

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword phrase research
  • Link building
  • Content blogging
  • On-page analysis
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • App store optimisation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Clear dashboard analysis and reporting monthly results



If you want to be the supplier to beat, or the supplier of the month, who appears on Google’s first page when your audience searches in your industry, then you need to build credibility and visibility online using genuine and acceptable practices. You need to rank well in your organic searches for you to achieve better results your business dire need. Local SEO provider accepts only one client for each industry and strives to make that one supplier the best choice for Google search engine as a best practice.




SEO audit is an inevitable affair to detect the flaws currently in your website and strategies put in place to iron out such flaws to achieve the correct results. While performing an SEO audit, consider the following:

  • How to increase target visitors to your website
  • Remove and retouch components holding back your website’s performance for example; duplicate content and canonical problems.
  • Examine tips on how to rank better in organic search for the chosen keywords
  • Lookout in the comments on meta and HTML structure
  • Outline easy-to-follow advice to be followed when rectifying identified flaws and issues.
  • Tips on how to keep away from common back draws and misconceptions concerning SEO
  • Review Robots.txt
  • Analysis of your existing website links
  • Evaluate competitors links versus yours and implement better links than theirs



Remove all bad backlinks pointed to your website. Google algorithm update provided penalties to websites with automated backlinks or those that participate in backlink exchanges. It is equally important to remove bad backlinks that can harm your website’s reputation as building useful links to give your business credibility and reputation. So, for a website to rank, it should get rid of all bad links as well as strive to gain useful links.



Use website content as an effective method to raise awareness of your existence distributing attractive content that nerds your readers’ nerves, you can also employ varied content marketing strategies like mobile, social media, online and print media to announce your presence in the market.