Common cybersecurity threats

Common cybersecurity threats

Cybersecurity threats are constantly increasing, and it is quite difficult to understand all the potential cybersecurity threats which are recently growing. To keep our systems secure we need to make sure that our online presence is safe. Cyber attacks can be handled only when they are thoroughly understood. To protect your system from various data breaches and cyber threats you need to maintain your systems with high integrity. The following are some of the common types of attacks which are seen in today’s word.


Just a few years back phishing was in its infancy, but now it has become one of most significant risks to systems. Lack of awareness is one of the main reasons for this threat. One cannot say that people who have limited experience with computers are more prone to such threats, but phishing can attack people from all walks of life. There has even been a case where the CEO of FACC AG was convinced to transfer about £39 million from the company.

Scammers are experts in digital impersonation and these attacks often rely on the trust which business hols with its colleagues. To avoid such threats, you need to make sure not to open any suspicious emails.


Most of thinking that robots are only used for science fiction movies and AI is something which is to come after so many decades but the development in such technologies are growing at a very fast scale and before you could know these bots would have taken up the world. Hackers use bots to scan your computer to check for any weak points in various software updates, access points through which they can hack into your system and even scan for any important credit card information.



Attackers love using malware to get a hold of your computers and once they do that they can wreak it and bring all sorts of havoc by taking the help of your system. They will be able to monitor from your system, send confidential from your computer to any system. Make sure that you are not tricked into downloading any suspicious file or open any attachment which might look harmful.

Denial of Service:

Denial of service is when you flood a website with traffic so that the users will not be able to access the site. Attackers flood a website by creating an overwhelming amount of traffic so that the website shuts down and the users will be unable to access the site. When denial of service attacks is made by many computers at the same time, it is called as the DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service Attack). The DDoS attack can be much harder to trace as the attacker will be using many computers from all over the world which makes it harder to find the source of the computer.